What Is Share Market and How It Works

A stock market or share market is a place where stocks, bonds, options and futures, and commodities are traded. Buyers and sellers trade with each other through a platform that is provided by the stock exchange. All the trading is done online and is done only during specific hours on business days that is from Monday to Friday. Read more

How to Invest In Share Market – Beginner’s Guide

When you think of investments, stock market is the first thing that comes to your mind. The reason is it helps you to enhance economical and financial position exponentially. The profit rates in the stock market are way too high of initial investments. It is also exciting to review your investment returns and to see how they are building up at a faster rate than your salary.

Here we have provided you the simple guidelines that will help you to understand stock market and how you can start investing your money. Read more

Intraday Tips Can Give You That Much Needed Edge

Intraday trading can be a great way to make good money, but it can also lead you to lose a ton of money; all is on your own hands. When you go for intraday trading, the tips and tricks that may have helped you to get success in good stocks or find great money makers over the years, will no longer apply while trading ‘normally’. This is a challenging task with different rules and regulations. Read more