BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange whereas NSE means National Stock Exchange. As a matter of fact, NSE has listed more than 2000 stocks from different sectors. Plus, it is fully automated electronic order processing exchange.

And, BSE is India’s Oldest Stock Exchange that has listed more than 5500 scripts with it. This will soon be fully automated for more organized processes.


SENSEX is considered to be a major index of BSE, and it comprises of 30 scripts from different sectors. As the share market is aggressive and unpredictable, Stock tips usually help and guide you in taking prudent decisions at the time of investment. To earn with profit, investors must have the basic knowledge of the stock market. Having BSE and NSE stock tips will be so beneficial for future investment.

BSE, NSE stock tips help and guide you in taking prudent decisions while investing or trading in Indian stock markets.  These are especially relevant for those of us who are unable to do proper stock market research on our own for lack of time.

Most good stock broking companies have good in-house research teams, which regularly come up with long term calls, short terms calls, intraday calls, futures trading strategies and other NSE, BSE stock tips and advisory as part of services to their clients.

However, not all stock tips are useful and not all brokers giving out BSE stock tips and NSE stock tips are credible enough.  So open your demat and stock trading account with a reputed broker with an in-house equity research wing and excellent past performance report, so you can depend on their stock tips and advice.

Tips for BSE NSE Trading

First of all, with BSE and NSE stock tips, you will be able to understand the market and develop smart investment strategies for trading and transactions.

Secondly, several of the Stock Broking companies usually buy services from other research teams or appoint an in-house team for stock analysis. With this, they can have a close watch on prevailing trends of market and also provide tips to their clients. It is not necessary that the BSE and NSE Stock Tips provided by your broker are always accurate enough to do trading.

At times, it may differ too. Your investment also depends on your account profile. For this, you need to open a Demat or trading account with a reputed DP. According to your risk profile, you can rely on their stock tips and advice. Some top BSE NSE Tips to consider:

Some More Stock Trading Tips to Consider

  • There is no necessity of being a top performer. You can grow with slow exposure and small but smart steps in investment.
  • It is beneficial to visit multiple brokers for NSE and BSE Stock tips, because different brokers would mean availing different services and benefits. Proper research will help you to make the better decisions.
  • If you want to earn a handsome profit, then make your investments in the stock market when the market is down. This can only be done when you keep the stock’s fundamentals in mind.
  • It is advisable to get BSE stock tips and NSE stock tips from more than one brokers and then analyze them investing.
  • When the stock market is down, it is the best time for investment, though by keeping the stock’s fundamentals in mind.
  • When the share market falls, don’t panic, when a share market is on rise don’t be overjoyed as you can earn and lose in both situations.
  • When the market goes up, you should first buy and then sell.

When you start BSE & NSE stock trading, you should not take much exposure in stocks in the initial phase. In particular, the exposure should not be more than your capacity, even if you are provided with high exposure limits.